Friday, April 29, 2011

Day 200 - Weekly Roundup

April 29, 2011

Day 200 - Weekly Roundup
Blogs and articles of note this week....

Storms Ravage the South: How You Can Help: Yesterday tornadoes ripped through six Southern states destroying everything in its path and killing almost 300 people. Having grown up in tornado alley, I understand the serious devastation that can occur. CNN has an article on how you can help out these folks. Just ten bucks could make a difference. If you don't have ten bucks consider donating your time to a worthy organization.

Eventual Millionaire Blog: Ever feel like picking the minds of millionaires for advice? Check out this blog and pick away to your heart's content. Jaime, the blog creator, paid off $70,000 in debt and is on her way to a million. Go Jaime!

NY Times Blog: What Happens if the Debt Ceiling Isn't Raised? Matthew Zames, managing director at JP Morgan Chase and chairman of the Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee, writes a letter to Tim Geithner giving his thoughts. Do you live in a state with the highest or lowest average credit card debt? Check out this great infographic. Oklahoma (my original home state) has the lowest average credit card debt - awesome!

Problems with Procrastination? Try Bribery. I think Fortune wrote this piece after following me around for a few weeks.  A discussion of human behavior and how to overcome the widespread procrastination epidemic.

BofA raising interest rates for late payments: Yet another reason to get those credit cards paid off!

Personal Finance on a Napkin: The New York Times has compiled this great series into one page for easy browsing. Money basics explained through graphs and diagrams on - you guessed it - the back of a napkin.
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