Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 235 - Weekly Roundup

June 3, 2011

Day 235 - Weekly Roundup

Blogs and articles of note this week:

Unemployed man sells himself on Dublin billboard: Creativity at it's best - good luck to @joblesspaddy in his job search!

Be financially disciplined to avoid a debt trap: (via @fclive) Advice about living without accumulating debt and also what to do if you already are in debt. No surprises here, but definitely a good read to give yourself a reminder of the basics.

Home clearance sale coming from 'desperate' sellers: (via @cnnmoney) Great read for potential homebuyers - housing prices are now at 2002 levels. A combination of tight credit and a large amount of homes for sale could potentially create some amazing deals this summer.

Colbert breaks down the debt ceiling: I am a big fan of Colbert - interspersed between his comedic schtick are actually bits of knowledge to help you understand current events.

Ten debt statistics you need to know: (via @WhichMoney): June debt statistics report for the UK - would be nice to see a similar report for the USA. Do you think the Brits are more responsible than the Yanks with their money or no?

Stay tuned,
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