Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 245 - Weekly Roundup

June 13, 2011

Day 245 - Weekly Roundup
Blogs and articles of note from last week and this week:

Do you Groupon? It could be bad for your budget. via @ChrisTaylor_nyc We may have a tendency to spend more just because something is considered a great deal. Approximately 20% of Groupon vouchers go unused. Do you have a weakness for Groupons?

Young People See Debt as Empowering, via @Jezebel Apparently credit card debt increases self-esteem in young people.....until they turn 28 and realize how much money they owe. Then it's self esteem out the window.

Number of the week: $22,900, class of 2011 most indebted ever, via @wsj Student loan debt - double-edged sword?

Giveaways are Sexy is giving away $400 in gift cards! via @sexygiveaways Enter to win one of many gift cards being given out this week!

Money and Relationships: What Should Matter? via @squirrelers  Great conversation going on over at this blog about financial compatibility. Join in the fun.

Prosperity Plan #7: Don't Fight Yourself via @goberich  I completely identify with this blog piece. Sometimes I need to remind myself why I am trying to pay off all this debt. Great read.
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