Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 249 - Weekly Roundup

 Blogs and articles of note from the past week:

Developing a debt plan. via @sfgate  I am always curious to see read about different plans for paying off debt. If you haven't found the right plan for you yet, don't fret. Keep looking - start here!

4 Steps to a Simpler (and more frugal) Life: via @cnbc  "Wealth is a relative concept, after all. If your income is over six figures and so is your spending, then that equals broke." This is a great article about what being "frugal" and/or "rich" really means.

The Boss of You. via @laurenbacon and @emiramears   I attended a free webinar this week conducted by these two ladies and learned a lot about small business planning. Two ideas they focused on were the fact that being small isn't necessarily a bad thing and also that unless you define success in your own terms you won't know it when you see it. Although their blog (and book) are geared towards women, I think that anyone can learn a lot from Lauren and Emira.

Year of Shopping Detox. via @annhepburn   This is a really cute blog about going into shopping detox for a year. I think I especially like it because the structure is very similar to mine - she even counts down the days. Some really witty writing, too.

Are We Culturally Encouraged to Spend? via @smartmoneychick  I tend towards yes, what do you think?


Annabelle Hepburn said... Best Blogger Tips

Aw, thanks for including me! I find counting down the days helpful and scary, like, if it's already day 160-something, shouldn't I be doing better by now? I think that the halfway point may bring on a nervous collapse.

60kproject said... Best Blogger Tips

@annhepburn I love to surround myself with inspirational people, even if only through my blog. I have faith! Reassess at your halfway point - I bet you are doing better than you let yourself think.

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