Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day 262 - Weekly Roundup

Lucky You! Since Friday is the first of the month - which means you get a debt payoff update - the Weekly Roundup comes to you a day early!

 Blogs and articles of note from this past week:

Recent Studies Confirm College Ultimately Worth the Cost: If you take $102,000, or the average cost of a four-year degree, and examined the best place to invest it (real estate, stock market, bonds or college degree), college wins out. The study shows that while the stock market investment produced an average return of 7%, a four-year degree averaged a return of 15%. via @huffpost

Celebrate July 4th on a Budget: Planning this weekend's backyard BBQ celebration? Here are some tips to keep your weekend withing your budget. via @sfgate

EARN launches A Public Forum for Student Loan Borrowers. Share your education debt stories in video or written form. You can even win $5,000 to put towards student loan debt with a video submission! via @earn

I Was Eavesdropping, Guess What I Heard? A fly on the wall perspective of the wrong way a financial planner should approach a prospective client. "Oprah does it" is not appropriate. via @smartstep

The Dancing Traffic Cop.  Ever complain about your boring job? Take a page out of this guy's book - make your own job satisfaction whether it involves dancing, learning a new skill or becoming a mentor. via @cnn

National Geographic Photo of the Day.  I secretly want to be a photographer. There are some great shots from National Geographic on their photo of the day site. Check out this elephant's eyelashes today!

Stay tuned and have a happy 4th of July!

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