Friday, July 8, 2011

Day 267 - Weekly Roundup Student Loan Edition

Welcome to this week's edition of the Weekly Roundup! I scour the Internet weekly to find interesting and thought provoking articles and blogs you should check out. This week's theme is student loan debt, enjoy!

Considering a for-profit college? Consider this. Bridgepoint Education, a for-profit university giant spent (according to their SEC statement) $700 per student on instruction, $2,714 per student on recruiting and profited $1,522 per student. Also, based on students enrolled during the 2008-2009 year, 63% of bachelors students have withdrawn from the program, while 84% of associates have withdrawn. If you actually do graduate from a for-profit university, expect 96% of you to be saddled with an average of $33,050 in student loan debt - about $10,000 greater than the national average.

Higher Education Tax Credits. Are you paying college tuition for you or someone in your family in 2011? Make sure you read this post from the writer of Frugal Students to see if you are taking advantage of these education credits on your tax return.

Dave Ramsey talks student loan debt. I wish Dave had been making videos like this when I was 18 - although I'm not sure I would have paid attention. Student loans are practically an epidemic in this country - listen to what Dave has to say. via @daveramsey @foxnews

Before you sign that loan, get educated. MSNBC does a decent job of covering the basics when it comes to obtaining and paying off student loans. Although the content could be a little more in depth this is a useful place to start. My idea: some type of mandatory education requirement about borrowing money. You think kids would get anything out of it? via @msnbc

Sallie Mae's Misleading and Dangerous Press Release. Ahhhh yes, I have lots of experience with ol' Sallie Mae. This articles tackles the company's promotion of variable rate private loans and why they might not be such a good idea. via @zacbissonnette @time

When Freddie met Sallie: Parallels Between the Mortgage Meltdown and Student Debt.Some very interesting - and scary - similarities noted here. Definitely worth a read. via the blog Memoirs of an Economic Student.

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Thanks for including me!  If anyone has any questions they can message me on my blog.  Also, if you are getting student loans my most recent post tells how to save money on interest while still get the same amount of loans.

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