Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 273 - Weekly Roundup Travel Edition

Every Friday I highlight blogs and articles of note from the past week. Since my mid-month update falls on a Friday this week,  lucky readers get an early look. Since I will be heading out on vacation in a few days, I dedicate this edition to some great travel reads. Enjoy!

Married With Luggage: I just heard about this blog and have already spent countless hours reading about this couple who sold everything to travel the world. What's even better is they are attempting to sustain this lifestyle by creating income from jobs they can do while on the road. Basically, I want to be @betsytalbot and @warrentalbot.

I'm Hooked, Where To Next? Did that previous blog get your adventure juices flowing? Continue your journey through the Philippines and Malaysia via Washington Times staff writer Matt Payne.

Might Need to Cut Back a Bit on the Traveling Budget. A great budget travel blog is the Frugal Traveler in the NY Times. You just might use all your free NY Times online clicks for the month in one sitting. A lot of articles about visiting exotic places on the cheap. via @frugaltraveler

40 Most Useful Websites That Can Save You A Fortune. Wisebread has done a great job of compiling all sorts of budget travel resources into a one-stop webpage.  This summary highlights anything from cheap accomodations to budget traveler magazines and blogs. via @wisebread.

Wandering Earl. Earl started a three-month trip to Southeast Asia in 1999. Twelve years later he's still at it! Some pretty amazing stories on here - this is another one you could easily spend hours browsing. via @wanderingearl.

Todd's Wanderings. I wonder if Todd and Earl have every bumped into each other in some remote village in Cambodia? Todd has been on the road for about ten years. He is a conflict and human rights expert who brings a great perspective to world travel. via @toddwassel

Explore, enjoy and stay tuned,

Don't have enough money for a vacation? Live vicariously through some of these great adventurers! What is your dream travel adventure? Mine is a very in depth exploration of New Zealand and all it has to offer.

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