Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 285 - Do You Like Free Money? I've Got Some For You.

Are you a regular $60K Project reader? Why not earn some extra cash while you are reading, commenting and tweeting away? Think of it as some cushion on your salary since you are most likely reading this at work anyway. *grin*

By performing certain actions you can earn points to redeem towards awesome rewards! This month's featured rewards are gift certificates from Amazon, Target and Groupon!! Redeem 5,000 points for a $3 Amazon gift card. You can easily earn 5,000 points in ten days! Other awards this month include a $5 Target Gift Card and a $15 Groupon gift card.

I'm In - What Do I Need To Do?

See that pretty little red Rewards ribbon floating on the top right-hand side of my blog? Click that, login using your Facebook account information and you are on your way to earning points and collecting rewards!

How Do I Earn Rewards?
There are many ways for you to earn rewards every day. Each action below can earn you +100 points after signing up.
  1. Visit The $60K Project website
  2. Like one of my posts on my Facebook page
  3. Comment on one of my posts on my Facebook page
  4. Comment on one of my blog posts on my website
  5. Tweet a blog post on my website (use the Tweet button with the red ribbon next to it - top right side of my page)
  6. Coming Soon - Google +1 a blog post on my website

Well, what are you waiting for? Set up your $60K Project rewards account today!


Miss T said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool.  I will look into seeing if I qualify being a Canadian. 

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