Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 288 - Yakezie Summer Group Roundup - Blogs of Summer Edition

Yakezie BadgePart II: Check out some of these awesome personal finance blogs I have been reading. These blogs are all either challengers or members of Yakezie - the web's largest personal finance and lifestyle blog network. I have found some great reads browsing through all the Yakezie blogs. All of the blogs included below are part of the Blogs I Love section (scroll down and look to the right) because, well, I love them. Hope you enjoy reading as much as I have.

Spruce Up Your Finances. Financial tips for keeping more of your hard-earned money. Very helpful articles on topics ranging from retirement, insurance and debt management to careers and home-based businesses.
Recent Post: July Bonding with Friends and Picnics at the Park

The Debt Myth. Aside from being a great personal finance blog, you can also get a 'Pay Off Debt' App for your iPad, iPhone or Droid phone.
Recent Post: 26 Free Things to Do (Instead of Spending Money)
Cash Flow Mantra. This blog is a great resource for those of you wanting to learn more about all things investing, including the elusive (at least to me) option.
Recent Post: Are You Ready for Stock Market Limbo?

Investorz Blog. Another great resource for learning about investing mixed in with some financial advice.
Recent Post: Why You Can't Copy the Pro Investors

The Saved Quarter. This blog is written by a frugal mom and gives great tips on cutting expenses and saving as much money as you can. My favorite series she does is to analyze her readers' budgets and suggest ways to change their spending habits.
Recent Post: Cut Your Budget Update: Erin

The University of Money. This blog does a good job of focusing on helpful tips related to stock market basics and financial planning.
Recent Post: Save Some More Money

Prairie EcoThrifter. This is a personal finance blog but with an environmentally friendly twist. In the words of Miss T, "I like to live frugal, healthy and green."
Recent Post: Female Products - The Budget Killer

Money Talks. This blog sprung from a lifelong passion to motivate people to get out of debt and build wealth. Some great reads.
Recent Post: My First Craigslist Experience

Enjoy these great blogs and have a great weekend!!

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Financial Samurai said... Best Blogger Tips

Nice round up!  I like your debt payoff widget.  Did you customize it yourself?  

Ken @ Spruce Up Your Finances said... Best Blogger Tips

thanks for the mention!

60kproject said... Best Blogger Tips

I'm pretty sure I found a similar one on a website out there in the Interwebs and customized it with my own stuff. It's fairly easy HTML to change around if anybody wants a tracker.

Investorz' Blog said... Best Blogger Tips

Thanks for the mention!

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