Friday, August 26, 2011

Day 316: Yakezie Summer Group Roundup

Another Yakezie Summer Group Roundup. Enjoy some great reading this weekend!

The $60K Project was featured in the Best of Money Carnival #116. Check it out!

Nickel By Nickel gives the final results of the NBN Fitness Challenge.

My Personal Finance Journey reminds us that summer will quickly come to a close by providing Tips on Saving Money This Winter.

The College Investor gives advice to students on how to balance a job with the all important study sessions.

My Multiple Incomes gives some great advice to fellow bloggers on how to get more pageviews from your visitors.

So Over Debt features a guest post from a UK finance expert about 5 way to stay out of debt.

Fat Guy Skinny Wallet talks about how to have some summer fun without breaking the bank.

For all of you football fans out there, The Penny Hoarder shows you how to make some extra money playing fantasy football.

Spruce Up Your Finances has a great post on 7 spending mistakes people make just to get a tax refund.

Want to know why you should get out of debt? Head on over to The Debt Myth.

Cash Flow Mantra has been chosen to participate in the Seven Links Project.

Many of us are mourning the resignation of Apple's Steve Jobs so Investorz' Blog helps us get through the tough times with a resignation linkfest.

The Saved Quarter discusses life insurance that works for any budget.

University of Money has a very comprehensive post on saving money and investing.

Prairie Eco Thrifter discusses five career killer moves.

Money Talks talks about the housing market and the resulting increase in accidental landlords.
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