Friday, September 30, 2011

Financial Blogger Conference - Here I Come!

As The $60K Project jets off to Chicago for the Financial Blogger Conference - better known as #FINCON11 in the Twitterverse - I find myself super excited and also super nervous at the same time. Super excited to meet the faces behind many of the tweets/words/comments I receive on my blog. Super nervous because I'm human and can't imagine not being nervous about meeting a bunch of new people, trying to keep names straight, speed networking and trying to think of interesting things to say. I won't even get into my minor freak out about what to wear (yep, I'm shoe shopping tomorrow morning before my flight). Let me just say I had to take my winter clothes down from the attic because 50 degree weather is considered winter in San Diego. Oh, what a tough life I lead!

Despite the pre-game jitters, I feel like this will be a great opportunity to learn some great skills to apply to my blog. Here is some knowledge I would like to come away with this weekend:

  • Figure out how to switch my blog from Blogger to Wordpress (although I'm holding out that Google revamps and majorly improves Blogger - come on!!)
  • Implement 5 new design tips for my home page (it looks a little messy to me and I definitely need a new header)
  • Learn monetization strategies so that I can start producing more consistent streams of income
  • Get some advertising advice from fellow bloggers so I can create an Advertise page (see previous bullet)
Aside from these goals, I think it will be really great to be in a room filled with so much blogging knowledge and experience. Blogging is such a solo sport that I think it's good for us (me) to get out from behind the computer and just talk to people. Although I'm beginning to think bloggers are really social personalities when given the chance. Kind of like accountants - secret partiers.

Thanks to all of the people who have read my blog in the last (almost) year. I wouldn't be here without you. Hope to bring you even better content in the months to come. Stick with me - you won't be disappointed!

Stay tuned,

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