Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tying Up Some Link Love & Loose Ends

First - an important clarification.  

We are not debt free.

Although we just kicked $60,000 of debt to the curb, we still owe $50,000 towards our last student loan. Mike and I decided to start focusing on saving rather than paying off this last debt for multiple reasons. Initially I did not include our last student loan in our debt payoff tracker - mainly because it would then become the $110K Project which just doesn't roll off the tongue as easy as $60K Project. Plus paing off $110,000 in debt would be pretty much impossible for us to do in a year.

I want to make sure I'm not misrepresenting myself to my readers so I have decided to add the $50,000 to the Financial Goal Tracker. Although it will depressingly sit there with a gigantic balance to be paid, I want to make sure there is full disclosure for everyone that visits my site. So check out that bright yellow bar on the left side of the screen - that's our albatross.

Switching Gears
I am lucky to have some really great blogs that have mentioned my site and sent readers my way. Today I want to say thanks to a few of those sites. I hope to pay it forward and make this a regular thing. Grab a glass of wine and your iPad and enjoy some great reads.

According to my good buddy, Google Analytics......

Top 5 All Time Referring Sites
1. So Over Debt
2. Blonde And Balanced
3. No More Spending
4. Young And Thrifty
5. Minting Nickels

Top 5 August Referring Sites
1. So Over Debt
2. Young and Thrifty
3. Minting Nickels
4. Prairie Eco Thrifter
5. Blonde and Balanced

Special thanks to Canadian Dream Free At 45 for including me in the Carnival of Personal Finance #326 - I am honored to be included among a lot of great writers. This carnival is like a "Who's Who" of personal finance blogs so make sure you add this to your reading to-do list.

Stay tuned,
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