Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekly Roundup Cocktail Party Edition

I usually like to do reading round ups on Friday so you readers will have some nice material to read and talk about at your fabulous cocktail and dinner parties over the weekend. Since I am sitting here wishing it was Friday, I decided to give you some excellent reading material a day early. Skim through the categories that interest you, impress your friends with your wit and wisdom while delicately balancing an extra dirty martini. And most important - enjoy your weekend!!

20's Finance: Is It Hard to Time the Market in a Recession?

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance: Predicting Stock Returns for Fun and Profit

101 Centavos: Caffe' Corto: A Short Take on Gold Mining Companies and Valuations

Investorz' Blog: How I Lost 10% of My Investment Portfolio in 3 Months, and What You Can Learn From My Loss

University of Money: Ways to Save Money and How to Invest Money

The College Investor: The College Investor 2 Year Anniversary

Blogging/Working From Home
So Over Debt: Why PF Bloggers Should Never Date Each Other

Cash Flow Mantra: Bloggers that Make $1,000 per Month

Money Talks: Co-Working

Saving/Making Money
Money Reasons: Finding Opportunities in Unusual Places

MoneyGreenLife: 5 Security Factors Than Can Lower Your Car Insurance

My Personal Finance Journey: Why Now is the Time to Save and Not Spend

The Penny Hoarder: 5 Weird Ways to Make Money Recycling

Spruce Up Your Finances: Why You Should Fight for Every Percent You Can Get on Your Finances

The Saved Quarter: $100 Holiday September Update

The Debt Myth: Debt is Not a Safety Net

Fat Guy, Skinny Wallet: Why I Chose Not to Use Debt Consolidation 

My Multiple Incomes: Can't Sleep? Mind Racing With Ideas? Take My Advice!

Potpourri for $500, Alex
Everything Finance: Platinum Card from American Express Review

Prairie Eco Thrifter: My 'Free' Kitten Cost US Over $9,000

The Ultimate Juggle: Huggies Slip-On Diapers

Invest With Passion: Halle Berry Home Market

Nickel by Nickel: A Quick Update from the Road, to Denmark and Back Again
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