2012 Goals

2012 Financial Goals

Regular readers will know that I strongly believe that specific, measurable goals are a key to financial success. I also believe that writing your goals down and tracking your progress is a key to achieving what you want.

Our 2011 goals mainly focused around paying off debt. In 2012, we changed course and started focusing more on saving.
  1. Finish 2011 goal of saving for $15,000 Emergency Fund - FINISHED!!
  2. Reach $17,000 maximum 401(k) contributions by end of year (both Mike & Sarah) - FINISHED!!
  3. Additional savings for....future life events? Debt payoff? (not really sure yet and the vagueness of this goal really bothers me)
  4. Remaining debt - only minimum payments right now. Payoff on hold this year while we save (this bothers me too, especially after last year's massive debt payoff)

Financial Goal Tracker

Emergency Fund Savings
100% Saved

2012 401(k) Contribution Sarah
100% Saved

2012 401(k) Contribution Mike
100% Saved

Additional Savings
$8,355 Saved To Date.....

Remaining Debt

One Student Loan Left
57% Paid

*This is a living document that may be updated throughout the year.
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