The Brains
Sarah was born and raised in Oklahoma City (Go Sooners!), but at the age of 18 flew the coop to find her purpose in life. After spending four years at a liberal arts college (Go Sagehens!) racking up enormous amounts of student loans, she decided her first year after college should be spent pursuing a ski bum lifestyle in Colorado. After realizing that waiting tables probably wasn't the right job for someone who went to a private college, she delved into the state government realm. After realizing that state government paid less than waiting tables, she made the decision to go back to school and get her graduate degree in accounting (Go Tarheels!). Another student loan later, Sarah started her eight year tenure as a tax accountant at a prestigious Big 4 accounting firm which took her from Denver to New York City to San Diego. She currently works for the same firm improving business processes and technology proficiency on a daily basis. Sarah likes Jimmy Buffett, Dave Ramsey, self-improvement books and guys from New Jersey. She is not a fan of people who are rude for no reason.

The Brawn
Mike was born and raised in New Jersey but does not use hair gel or tanning beds. During his venture down to North Carolina for his bachelor and master degrees, he finally met the love of his life (see The Brains). Mike dabbled in accounting for a few years after college and decided that school was much more fun than work so a second masters degree was in order - this time in real estate. Mike loves Tarheel basketball, anything soccer related and ice cream. He's not a fan of growing old.

The Beauty (9/18/01 - 4/29/12)
Duke was born somewhere in Colorado and rescued by Sarah when he was 16 weeks old. He attended puppy school and learned to sit, shake, lay down and roll over - but only for a treat. Despite Sarah's pursuits in multiple states - often leaving Duke with his grandparents, he remains her loyal best friend. In his ten years, he has tried out the mountain dog, prairie dog and beach dog lifestyles and finally settled on the latter in San Diego. Duke enjoys elk antlers, human food and duck poop. He has never met a dog he didn't like.
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